What Rapid Response Fabric Structures Really Means


You often hear the term "rapid deployment" or "rapid response" in the world of temporary structures or fabric structures. This term applies to a wide variety of temporary structures and it's important to know what you need, especially when a decision needs to be made FAST. Because there are a variety of structures that fall under the temporary structure umbrella, it is important to know what's available for a quick turnaround. 

There are also instances where special customization isn't as important a component as quick response and fast turn around. Whether it be for a natural disaster or a construction site cover, some of these projects require a temporary structure that is available as soon as possible. In these situations, rapid response IS a key element for decision making. 

At Sunbelt Rentals, we provide shelter that will protect your crew AND your equipment faster than any other fabric structure provider in the United States. Not believe us? Our safety-teams provide turnkey installation on demand with a 36-hour rapid deployment. 

What does this 36-hour rapid deployment mean to you?

  1. Our crews can be at any site within the United States in 36 hours after a contract is signed.

  2. With over 2.5 million square feet of inventory in our warehouse, we can provide you with unlimited options.

  3. If you have an urgent need for a temporary structure, our experienced project managers can provide you with a proposal within 24 hours of a request. 

Finally, there are many projects that require unique design and customization where a fast response is NOT the most important aspect of a project. In these instances, our regular response time is still fast enough for most clients.

Here at Sunbelt Rentals, we pride ourselves on being able to provide unique, customizable fabric structures that can be designed to meet any need. The unique projects we often find ourselves working on require hours of time spent on engineering and design to make sure every aspect of the job is specifically designed to fit the needs of your project.


Interested in learning more about tents for rapid relief needs, or want more information about how you can get a custom fabric building for your business?

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