Why Leasing a Temporary Structure is Good for Business


With budgets always tight, worksite managers have plenty of things to keep them up at night. Funding a temporary fabric structure doesn’t have to be one of them. Leasing is a cost-effective solution that solves big problems and makes sense for many types of commercial projects.

Temporary structures offer hundreds of configurations that fit a variety of purposes for industries such as petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, aviation, government and military. Commercial clients routinely lease structures for planned expansions, seasonal production surges, onsite warehouse storage or employee break tents.

Leasing a temporary fabric structure provides a flexible, efficient onsite solution, and leasing can make a positive impact to a company’s bottom line.

Here are three reasons leasing is good for business.

Leasing is a Financially Smart Solution

Leasing is a great solution for companies that want to prioritize cash flow while implementing a temporary or semi-permanent structure solution. Last year, Sunbelt Rentals wrote about the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Lease a Fabric Structure in 2019; over the past year, the number 1 reason continues to hold true: conversion of capital. The cash saved by leasing can be used for other necessary company expenditures such as product development, equipment, marketing and sales expansions.

Leasing offers flexible terms that allow customers to pay over an extended period of time and there's also a tax advantage to leasing because rented structures are exempt from property taxes. The conversion of credit is another savings—a lease agreement is not a loan. Loans reduce lines of credit but leasing a temporary structure and consistently paying over time may positively affect your credit.

Leasing is a Low-Commitment Solution

mah-structure-rev001With leasing, you never have to worry about the shelf life of the structure. Maintenance is handled by Sunbelt Rentals and when the lease is up, the commitment is over. Unlike a permanent structure, a leased fabric structure can be completely dismantled and removed, fast. Once the project is over, Sunbelt Rentals' team returns to the site and takes everything away.

If the project requires relocation during the lease period, Sunbelt Rentals' team takes care of that, too. That’s right, our leased facility solutions offer flexibility to be relocated to different areas if needed, or moved to another work site altogether.

Leasing is a Convenient Solution

Convenience is another compelling factor for businesses to lease temporary fabric structures for short term purposes. The convenience of leasing starts with a professional full-service team. Sunbelt Rentals offers turnkey services—covering everything from start to finish—including project management, site survey, design-engineered plans and installation.

A leased temporary structure is especially convenient when the project has a set time limit. Temporary military barracks, turnkey refinery maintenance facilities or onsite storage and warehouse for construction overflow are just a few examples of instances where structures are only intended to remain for a set length of time.

Sunbelt Rentals' team recently completed a project where a temporary structure filled in as a fully-functioning fire house. In this case, the client needed an interim structure installed while a renovation was underway. The requirements included a durable structure that could remain on-site for 20 months. Sunbelt Rentals team of engineers and designers presented a plan based on using the MegaStructure™ as the foundation for a customized solution. See the result:  Sunbelt Rentals Temporary Fire Station Solves Urgent Problem for Town

Why Lease From Sunbelt Rentals

Leasing with long or short-term agreements provides opportunities to protect cash flow or free up funds for another investment back into the company. Beyond the financial savings, Sunbelt Rentals' leases are backed by proven, flexible onsite solutions that solve complex problems. Sunbelt Rentals' lease options include products that are immediately accessible, adaptable and offer low-commitment terms for clients.

The next time you're looking for a convenient, valuable solution for your storage, warehousing, or worksite space problem, consider leasing a temporary fabric structure from Sunbelt Rentals.

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