Climate-Controlled Events

Imagine, you’re enjoying your favorite band at a renowned outdoor music festival on a hot summer day. Then, the sky suddenly darkens and you hear the rumblings of thunder in the distance.

Or, let's say you've been planning an outdoor wedding with several hundred guests. You’ve got decorations, audio, food, entertainment and everything else in place and ready to go. Then, the big day finally arrives and, when you look outside, you see clouds and rain with no signs of them going away.

One of the most common elements that event planners battle is the weather. Even when conditions, locations and time of the year are working in your favor, there is still a chance of inclement weather. While you can’t stop it, you can certainly prepare for it. Whether you’re worried about summer showers or winter snowstorms, climate-controlled fabric structures can provide on-demand shelter for your event and peace-of-mind for your team.

Prepare for the Worst
While it might seem overcautious to prepare for strong winds, thunderstorms or other extreme weather conditions, severe weather can happen anytime, in any part of the country. If the weather does turn for the worse, an extreme weather structure will help protect your equipment, as well as your guests. 

Sunbelt Rentals Fabric Structures is no stranger to providing temporary structures due to harsh weather. Built according to the International Building Code, our fabric structures can be customized and properly anchored to safely withstand high wind, and the high-quality industrial fabrics are designed to have a strong, smooth surface to repel snow. These structures can withstand the elements regardless of the environment, and they can fulfill the needed site and building code requirements. 

In addition to enduring off-the-shelf snow loads of 30 lbs. and 130 mph wind loads, these extreme weather structures can be built at virtually unlimited lengths and are fully relocatable — making it easy to accommodate events of any size. 

Customize for Comfort
Rain, wind, hail, hot and cold weather can all disrupt your event. With a climate-controlled structure, you don’t have to worry about guests overheating, anchoring decorations against the wind, or the food and flowers spoiling in the muggy weather.

Nowadays, fabric buildings are highly engineered structures that offer many of the same amenities and protections as a permanent building. There are several types of fabric structures that can be installed on-site in less than one week, outfitted with utilities and a full range of access, safety, climate-control and security features.

Event planners can customize the interior of the structure with accessory items including flooring, lighting, insulation, HVAC and more. Whether your event simply needs a climate-controlled tent for maximum comfort, or a fully-engineered extreme weather structure to keep hurricane season at bay, our project management team is comprised of highly-trained experts who can help you prepare and plan for all your temporary structure needs. 

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