Customize Your Temporary Structure for Success from the Ground Up

A temporary structure is often the most economical and ideal solution for industrial construction and manufacturing needs. Customization turns a basic structure design into the exact application you need for your project. 

Every project is unique, and customization is key. A reputable temporary structure provider will start with a “blank page” to design your structure. As you discuss your unique needs, your project manager will help you turn this blank page into the final picture of your ideal solution.

Customization includes specially engineered adjustments to optimize the structure’s design as well as amenities to enhance the structure’s functionality. Amenities like HVAC and LED lighting create a comfortable work environment and maximize energy efficiency savings in long-term rentals. Wall options like Guardian Insulated Steel Walls ™ re-enforce structures for long-term industrial needs. Insulated steel transforms a temporary fabric structure into a semi-permanent building and provides security and energy efficiency that far surpasses the capabilities of plastic wall panels.  Reinforced wood flooring is designed to bear the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment and is ideal for manufacturing and warehouse projects. 

Stand-alone features such as portable restrooms and showers can be installed at construction site expansion areas, and breakrooms and lunch tents can be equipped with the appropriate climate control option to keep crews comfortable.

Creating your ideal structure may include all or none of the above depending on how you plan to use it. Your Project Manager can help ensure both the project specifications and budget requirements are met.

The possibilities for creating custom structures are endless. Here are four top examples of ground-up custom projects that showcase the results of expert partnerships.

An automobile manufacturer needed to establish a second assembly line…FAST. The challenge? They needed an on-site facility to house it. They needed a large structure that mirrored their existing assembly line facility. The solution was a 4,300-sq.-foot structure, with roll-up garage doors, personnel doors and HVAC.

A top supplier of massive turbine blades needed a gap solution while a new construction was underway. They requested a space large enough to allow at least three 75-ft. blades to be housed inside the structure at one time. Other needs included climate control and easy entry/exit doors for dollies hauling blades. In the end, this impressive solution allowed the supplier to maintain and even increase production on an aggressive timeframe.

The Coast Guard needed a temporary emergency-rescue hangar for their helicopter fleet. For an emergency team, it’s important to deploy at a moment’s notice. A custom hangar door that could open rapidly was a major feature requirement for this unique project.

A local fire department needed a quick solution after an internal fire burned their station down.  The accident left city officials scrambling to find a way to get the fire station up and running. The solution included staging bays for the fire truck and ambulance, a quick access entrance, ventilation for the vehicles and Guardian Insulated Steel Walls ™ insulated walls 

The success of a customized solution is always a result of the collaboration between skilled professionals working together to determine what additions and amenities are necessary for a project. No two projects are the same, which is why structure design starts as a blank page. Bring your list of needs to the table, and work with a partner who can help you create a masterpiece.


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