Temporary Warehouses: The Most Cost Effective Source for Business Continuity

Winning that big contract takes a lot more than luck, but today's small businesses are up to the challenge. After completing the hard work of securing a make-it-or-break-it order, it is time to ramp up production to fulfill that dream contract. Small businesses often find this is a stumbling block due to lack of available storage space on their property. Constructing a conventional warehouse takes time the budget and contract will not allow. One way to expedite faster production is to use temporary warehouses. This is a solution that will make contract fulfillment easier, and it will move the company to the next level.


Delivering on a Large Contract

Most small companies will have a warehouse where they keep their inventory ready to sell. When a company wins larger than normal contract, they will find they need much more inventory. Hiring and training workers is always their first step. Many come to realize production continues to stumble along because workers do not always have the parts they need to do their work. This is just one reason a small company needs a temporary warehousing solution. Storing components on-site avoids delays in production.

Durable Goods

Manufactured goods today are often made of a variety of components. Some of these will be durable goods that need no sheltering from the weather. Rain, snow and wind have little to no effect, and the product will not suffer if they are left out. Even these goods might be best put into a temporary storage building if the quantity is large enough that keeping them organized speeds up production. In many cases, production companies often use a temporary storage building to keep inventory closer to production. 

Not So Durable Items

Electronics have become integral to many modern products, and they have a number of special storage needs. Climate control, such as temperature and humidity, is a must. Sunlight can also affect these delicate parts, and a roof over them is essential. Temporary warehousing on-site answers these delicate questions with a positive solution.

Security Issues, Not Structures

Purchasing large quantities of any supply is expensive, and replacing them is not usually in any company's budget. Controlling costs has become more important as the world has grown smaller through online buying. Retaining necessary supplies is now a major factor for any company, and this means eliminating possible theft. Temporary warehouses have security options available that match any traditionally built storage facility.

A Timely Solution

While companies usually have some inventory in stock, they generally limit the amount to save on costs. Many companies write contracts to allow time for the company to produce a large quantity, but their customers will not wait forever. It is essential to have all needs in place as soon as possible to fulfill the order. Using a temporary solution for on-site parts storage offers faster access than traditional building. The structure is pre-designed, delivered and set up quicker than constructing a brick and mortar structure of the same size. This allows the company to concentrate on hiring and training workers instead of worrying about supply chains.

Money Is the Object

Operating a company, no matter what size, is about making a profit. Without it, there is no reason for the owner to keep the doors open. Using a temporary solution for storage cuts the cost of expansion, and it also limits the risk of leaving valuable material out in the weather. It is less expensive to build and maintain than a temporary structure. A large contract is about making more profit, not larger costs.

There are many excellent reasons for businesses to choose temporary storage buildings when they have a sudden expansion. It cuts building costs without compromising security, and it saves time when speed is necessary to meet contractual obligations. Our business has over 90 years of doing providing solutions. If your business needs solutions for a large contact, please contact us today and speak with on of our expert project managers.

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