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Uses of Temporary Shelter and Fabric Structure Acessories

Mahaffey Fabric Structures is the leading provider of industrial tent rentals in North America. Mahaffey team members are experts at installing these structures, which can be equipped with a variety of accessories customized to fit your project’s needs. Mahaffey is also full service operation, meaning we handle and work with you on all aspects of project planning, the site inspection, setup, installation, on-site management (if needed) and dismantle.

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Why Rapid Response Is So Important for Disaster Relief Recovery

Natural disasters seem to happen frequently. The environment is changing which is resulting in more frequent weather-related natural disasters. When these things occur, entire villages, cities or geographical regions can be affected. Entire populations of dozens, hundreds, or thousands, of people will require shelter. It is the following days, weeks, or even months that it will take for life to get back to normal after a disaster. During that time, to protect a person from the effects of exposure to the elements, shelter is critical to survival and recovery. 

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