Winter is coming: Now is the time to protect your worksite

Winter will be here before we know it, and now is the time to plan for the harsh climates and unpredictable precipitation that come with it.

Temporary fabric structures can be useful for a number of reasons during the winter months, including business continuity, worker safety and equipment optimization. Because they can handle snow loads of up to 30 pounds per square foot and winds at 130 miles per hour, quality temporary structures are the ideal solution to keep your company’s operations running smoothly. 

Temporary warehouses and lunch tents provide team members with safe working conditions, and can even come equipped with generators and HVAC solutions. Working with Sunbelt Rentals can mitigate risk associated with decreased temperatures and create a customized environment that keeps employees—and equipment—safe.

Equipment malfunction can be common in harsh climates, so it’s important to properly store materials. Large or removable doors can be installed onto the structures, allowing for easy access to even the largest equipment. Because of their customizable diameters, temporary warehouses can cover any worksite regardless of size or terrain.  


Sunbelt Rentals structures are durable and made to withstand such harsh environments. And should anything need adjustment, our crew is available to dispatch 24/7.

Interested in learning more about the solutions we can provide for your business in the harsh winter months? Contact us today!

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