Winter Worksites – Fabric Structures Defy Old Man Winter

Winter at a glance River with snow and ice framed by trees in foreground after a blizzard early in March, Oak Brook, Illinois

Winter weather is right around the corner. This time of year, in snow country, it is critical to ensure that worksites, employees, equipment and materials are safe from harsh and unpredictable weather patterns.

Industries such as construction, manufacturing, oil and gas companies are hunkering down and facing worksite challenges as winter approaches. Bitter cold, snow accumulation, sleet and high winds are just a few of winter’s offerings that can quickly derail a projected timeline.

That’s why temporary fabric structures are an integral component of winter worksite planning. The right structure keeps teams and projects on schedule. Vendors like Sunbelt Rentals have years of experience helping customers make sound decisions regarding temporary fabric structures that affect their mission-critical objectives.

Sunbelt Rentals' expert project managers use their experience in the industry, customizable product lines and “boots-on-the-ground” knowledge to make recommendations that fit each customer’s project purpose, location and climate.

Here are three examples of Sunbelt Rentals' products used to work through winter worksite problems successfully.

Busy Bank Able to Remain Open All Winter Despite Failing Roof

shutterstock_614911946A busy national bank branch in snow country faced devastating news at the beginning of winter. The bank building roof was in danger of collapse, and officials feared they might need to close the branch indefinitely for restoration. As a busy 24-7 branch, accustomed to delivering world-class customer service, they were open to suggestions as to how to avoid shuttering their doors.

A temporary structure solution designed to provide safe, stable and reliable coverage and support seemed a viable option. The big concern became finding a partner who could provide a temporary cover for the roof that was stable and versatile enough to offset the heavy snow loads expected. Sunbelt Rentals engaged with the bank in intense collaboration for months before arriving at an ideal solution. The final proposal included a custom MegaStructure™ to protect and stabilize the roof.

Custom design-engineered features included additional trusses for stability, and design-engineered foot plates crafted specially for the purpose of sustaining the roof through heavy snow and wintry weather.

Read the case study.

Manufacturer Able to Quickly Expand Despite Harsh Climate

MTS_Temporary_StructureA manufacturer in Minnesota faced the pains of expansion. They needed a temporary warehouse space off-site for at least 12-months while they constructed a permanent building.

The project was not as simple as it sounded. The annual snowfall in Minnesota ranges from 36-inches in the southwest to 70 inches across the snow belt along Lake Superior. Minnesota is known for its brutal winters. Snow loads, high-wind conditions and bitter cold are all considerations when planning for a temporary winter worksite in this region.

Sunbelt Rentals' Tension Series™ (MTS™) warehouse structure proved an ideal solution for the long-term use and durability needed for this project. Standard off-the-shelf MTS™ semi-permanent structures are engineered to withstand winds up to 130 mph, and snow loads up to 30 lbs. per sq. ft, making them ideal for heavy snowfall. The peaked arch profile is designed to shed snow quickly, preventing accumulation that could lead to structural damage or failure.

Read the case study.

Energy Company Able to Operate Through Brutal Winter

EnergyGiant-HeaderA large energy company located in North Dakota contacted Sunbelt Rentals in need of a temporary shelter from the extreme winter. They had crews hired to lay pipeline sections for oil during the cold winter months ahead. They requested a shelter large enough to fabricate oversized sections of piping and valves, and offer workers a break from the bitter climate conditions.

Sunbelt Rentals knew the kind of custom solution the client needed from experience in the region and similar projects. Sunbelt Rentals recommended the Sunbelt Rentals  Tension Series™ or MTS™ for the project. The MTS™ can be climate-controlled and is the best type of engineered structure for a project of this nature. This fabric structure is incredibly durable and can successfully combat the obstacles presented by a harsh climate, including strong winds and heavy snow. At times during installation, temperatures dropped to around 20 degrees below zero. The Sunbelt Rentals team persisted overcoming every obstacle – most notably the frozen ground – in their way.

The client enjoyed a significant competitive advantage that winter because of the MTS™ installation. The MTS™ enabled them to successfully operate the entire winter and continue production during the prime oil rush. The durability of the MTS™ allowed the client six additional months of productivity! Watch the video to see the MTS™ in action.

In Conclusion

Does your worksite need to withstand heavy snow, rain or wind? Sunbelt Rentals creates engineered, climate-controlled, fully lit work covers to keep crews comfortable and projects on-schedule. Totally customizable solutions mean you can create work spaces tailored to your needs, and when your project is complete, Sunbelt Rentals' shelters are quickly disassembled and removed by our expert team.

Contact one of our experienced project managers and see if leasing a fabric structure is right for your next project!

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