Four Innovative, Eco-friendly and Energy-Saving Temporary Fabric Structures



Green construction can feel like an incredibly broad term with many meanings and understandings. According to the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA), green construction is looking “beyond the readily apparent aspects of the office or building to create a space that addresses the comfort, health and broader environmental impacts of the construction/remodeling process.”

Innovative, eco-friendly, and energy-saving temporary structures are an affordable and easy way to bring many of the benefits of green construction to your next facilities expansion project.

Unlike traditional construction, the modular nature of temporary fabric structures and the way they are installed make these buildings inherently “greener” than permanent construction.

One of the major benefits of temporary buildings is that they are designed for on-site assembly, which also means these structures can be more easily disassembled at the end of a facility's project life. Everything is manufactured for portability, and the structure itself can be assembled with hand-tools and minimal disruption to your site.

Energy-efficient amenities like LED lighting, Guardian insulated steel walls and HVAC systems save money and energy. Additionally, engineered fabric structures can have almost zero air leakage.

Temporary structures are also designed to be reused. Waste is eliminated by reusing materials, controlling inventory and protecting building materials during the fabrication process.

Read on to see four notable “green” temporary projects.

Temporary Fabric Structure for Firehouse

In 1999, Sunbelt Rentals was the first to use insulated Guardian steel sidewalls on temporary fabric structures. Insulated steel transforms a temporary fabric structure into a semi-permanent building and provides security and energy efficiency that far surpasses the capabilities of their plastic counterparts. This was a key component in this temporary firehouse project. When a local fire department in a Northeast township experienced an internal fire, it set the community on edge. The accident left citizens vulnerable and city officials scrambling to find a quick solution to get the fire station up and running.

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The clean energy industry turns to Sunbelt Rentals for facilities solutions. The final structure for this project included HVAC and an LED lighting package. A manufacturing facility for a top supplier of turbine blades needed room to grow. The workload had increased, and an expansion was critical to augment production. This expansion was going to be tricky because the company couldn’t stop blade production during the construction of their expanded facility. They needed a partner who could supply a gap solution.

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Installing temporary structures doesn’t have to disrupt the surrounding environment or exhaust resources. Temporary fabric structures can be installed on practically any ground surface, streamlining the construction process for your facility. From warehouse facilities to luxury office buildings, temporary structures are at home in any setting. Our client was developing a hot new community in beautiful Red Rock Canyon. The heart of this property featured a new golf course and many other active outdoor hobbies. This developer was ready to market this stunning community to potential buyers.

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Temporary structures can be installed-on site, reducing transportation between multiple facilities. This translates to significant cost and energy savings over the life of your project. In 2016, a large automotive manufacturer planned to expand its current line of products. While this expansion presented a lucrative revenue opportunity, there was one big problem to solve: they needed space, they needed it fast, and they needed it on-site.

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