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Expert Q&A: The Science of Anchoring Fabric Buildings, Part 2 

In our first blog in this series, we shared with you an introduction to the engineering behind anchoring temporary structures. This anchoring is powerful enough to cover your most critical long- or short-term operations—ensuring structure integrity and stability you can count on.

A major benefit of temporary structures is that they can be installed on virtually any ground surface from asphalt and concrete foundations to gravel or soil. With correctly engineered anchoring, temporary structures can be strong and stable no matter where they stand.

In Part 2 of this series, engineering expert Brian Szkaradnik explains the role your ground surface plays in determining the right anchoring solution for your structure.

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Beat the Heat with Temporary Structures

During the summer season, risk for heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses and accidents is its highest. During this time, precaution must be taken to ensure the safety of employees. 

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As Your Refinery Needs Expand, So Can Your Temporary Structure

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, industrial maintenance, turnarounds and plant expansions are all part of the job. These events enable your operations to continue moving smoothly for years to come.

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Storage Solutions for Your Project

When most people hear the term fabric structure, it brings to mind images of special event tents or pavilions — structures that serve important, but ultimately temporary functions. What they might not know, however, is that modern fabric structures are an ideal solution for a host of temporary and long-term projects across multiple industries.

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Temporary Warehouses: The Most Cost Effective Source for Business Continunity

Winning that big contract takes a lot more than luck, but today's small businesses are up to the challenge. After completing the hard work of securing a make-it-or-break-it order, it is time to ramp up production to fulfill that dream contract. Small businesses often find this is a stumbling block due to lack of available storage space on their property. Constructing a conventional warehouse takes time the budget and contract will not allow. One way to expedite faster production is to use temporary warehouses. This is a solution that will make contract fulfillment easier, and it will move the company to the next level.

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Benefits of the MTS Temporary Structure

What exactly is the MTS™?

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Temporary Structures to Withstand the Harsh Weather

With the fall season approaching, it is time to start considering seasonal tent structures. Whether you need a climate controlled structure to keep your employees warm, or a structure that can shed snow, Mahaffey Fabric Structureshas the solution. All three of our structure designs can withstand severe weather conditions and will keep your project on track from one season into the next.

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Are Permits Required for Temporary Fabric Structures?

Temporary fabric structures, such as temporary warehouses, can provide a superior advantage over new construction. 

Fast installation, energy efficiency, long-term flexibility and overall cost savings are just a few reasons temporary buildings can be the better choice for your needs. And because engineered temporary structures are designed to stand up to harsh weather environments, you aren't sacrificing efficacy for flexibility. 

But do temporary structures require building permits?

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How to Choose the Right Fabric Structure for your Next Project


Fabric buildings and temporary structures can be used for a variety of projects. Lunch tents, temporary warehousing, construction site covers, or airplane hangers are just a couple of examples of how these clear span fabric structures are used. The uses of structures are endless and can often be designed to suite many unique projects. 

Once a decision has been made that a project is in need of a temporary structure, the next question is what type of structure is best for the project. There are many factors to consider when choosing the size and type of temporary fabric building. From geographical location to number of square feet needed, there are a few determining factors in choosing the best structure for you next project. 

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How to Avoid Costly Weather Delays During Construction- Construction Tents 101

Seasonal rains, winter weather, and excessive summer heat delay critical construction projects, especially concrete pours. In many cases this can cause a huge delay in finishing critical projects on time. Resulting in lost time and money. From construction site covers to lunch tents, temporary construction tents are the go-to choice for ensuring your projects don't get delayed. 

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